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This is a community for Johnny Depp Fans. There are no stipulations for membership other than to be a fan of Johnny. ;)
The community is for ALL THINGS JOHNNY DEPP! The posts can range from dicussions, posting icons, info, news, pictures, whatever! As long as it's Johnny-related =) I know there are a lot of communities for this, but a portion of them seem to have become...well, inactive.

I know no one likes them but first...
Le Règlements
The Rules

1.Stay on topic. Anything Johnny Depp-related is a fairly wide-ranging topic, so this shouldn't be too hard. ;) If you do somehow manage to stray too far off topic, your post will be deleted.
2.Be Respectful! Please people, no flaming. You break this rule toward another member and your will recieve one warning. Break it again and you are simply banned from the community without any additional warning. This community is to express our love for Johnny - being rude to other fans/members hardly does this.
3. If you post any large pictures, if you post more than one picture, or if you post more than 3 icons please put them behind a cut! It's so that people watching the community don't get their friends pages too cluttered by it and so that it is dial-up friendly. If you don't know how to put things behind a cut, ASK.
4.Stay updated on the rules. If there is an update in the rules there will be a post by one of the mods and you are expected to review the rules. Breaking the rules in ignorance is still breaking them and will not be tolerated.
5. While posting Johnny pictures is allowed (and encouraged!) please do not post any pictures of Jack and Lily-Rose. It is ok if Vanessa is in the pictures, being a celebrity also, but we would like to respect the privacy of Johnny's children, as they did not choose to be famous. Any posts with pictures of them in it will be promptly deleted and whoever posted them will get one warning. Like the flaming rule, if the member posts again with pictures of the children they will be removed from the community without a second warning.
6. You may advertise other Johnny communities here, however please contact either myself (taught_to_dream formerly kinney_love just with a $15 name change ;)) and/or summerinabaddon first! Also, try not to advertise in excess. If it gets to be too much, we will stop allowing it.
7. Any spoilers for upcoming Johnny films must be placed behind a cut with a warning! If the material being discussed is purely from a trailer that has been released then, while we do not require that you place it behind a cut, we encourage it.
8. Be respectful in regards to Vanessa Paradis. I happen to be a big fan of hers and will not tolerate anyone bashing her in this community. It is really very childish to debase someone simply because they happen to be one of the luckiest women in the world ;)
9. Have fun spreading the Johnny!love ♥ ;)

Depp_Domain would be more than happy to affiliate with other communities, simply e-mail taught_to_dream at RaleLoVe88@aol.com